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Submitting An Application

Applications should be submitted in good time before the activity takes place but there is no annual deadline and we are pleased to receive applications at any time of year.

The person who completes and submits the application must be at least 18 years old.  In most cases, this will be a parent or carer.

To complete the online application form you will need to have the following information to hand:

  1. Basic information about the young person who is to be the beneficiary - name, age, contact details.
  2. A summary of their musical background and current ability.
  3. Details of the activity for which funding is requested and the contact details for the organization providing it.
  4. Information about the family circumstances, including the approximate total income of the whole family during the past 12 months, including both earned and unearned income.  All information provided here will be treated in strict confidence, except to the extent that it will be shared with the person named as a referee.
  5. The name, position/status and contact details for someone who knows the beneficiary well and is willing to provide a reference on their behalf; this person should not be closely associated with the organization providing the activity.
  6. Where financial support is also requested for a relative or friend to accompany them throughout the activity, basic information about that person.
  7. Details of the sum/s you are applying for from this charity, and details of any other organization to whom an application has or will be made in connection with this activity and the sums requested from them.
  8. A formal declaration that all information provided in the form is true and accurate, and a declaration by the beneficiary’s parent or carer of their support for and commitment to the beneficiary’s full participation in the activity.

Online Application

You can complete and submit your application online here.

Paper Application

If you prefer not to complete your application online, you can download a blank copy of the application form here, and then print it out, complete it and post to us at:
                  Valentine Alcock Scholarship
                  26 Limes Avenue
                  DE55 7DY


If you wish to contact us before making an application, click here.

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