Tony O'Hagan - SHELF: the Sheffield Elicitation Framework

SHELF Training, 21-24 January 2020

Course announcement

Tony O'Hagan and colleagues will be running four days of tuition on Expert Knowledge Elicitation with SHELF, on 21-24 January 2020.

It will be based on the very successful training we gave three times previously, most recently in April 2019, but with a few improvements.

The first two days, 21-22 January, will comprise a comprehensive short course, Elicitation with SHELF. This course will cover the principles of expert elicitation and the SHELF method, together with practical considerations in planning and running a SHELF elicitation workshop.

The key role in the SHELF method is that of the facilitator. The Advanced Facilitation course will be run twice, on 23 and 24 January. This will be an intensive, small group, hands-on session for participants who wish to be trained to act as facilitators. Each trainee will gain practical experience of facilitating a SHELF elicitation workshop, using carefully designed and realistic scenarios. Trainees will also gain experience in another important role, that of recorder. Attendance is limited to four trainees on each Advanced Facilitation day. Participants will need to have first attended the two-day Elicitation with SHELF course (on either this or a previous occasion).

The tutors

The course tutors have extensive experience of conducting SHELF elicitations and of presenting training courses. The team comprises Tony O'Hagan, Jeremy Oakley, John-Paul Gosling, Caitlin Buck and John Stevens.

Registration and course fees

The Advanced Facilitation on Thursday 23rd January is now fully booked.

To register for the Elicitation with SHELF course and/or Advanced Facilitation on Friday 24th, just send us an email.

Course fees are 575 for Elicitation with SHELF and 1600 for Advanced Facilitation, including refreshments and lunches.


The course will be held in Sheffield at the Leopold Hotel, 2 Leopold Street, Sheffield S1 2GZ.

The venue is in the centre of Sheffield, and in addition to the Leopold Hotel there are several other hotels nearby.


The start and end times of each course will be as follows.

Elicitation with SHELF will begin at 0930 on Tuesday, 21 January, with registration and refreshments available from 0900. This course will end no later than 1700 on Wednesday, 22 January.

Each Advanced Facilitation day will begin at 0900, with registration and refreshments available from 0845, and will end no later than 1700.

More detailed schedules can be found here.

Some testimonials from the previous courses:

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