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SHELF Training Events

Event January 2020

Tony O'Hagan and colleagues will be running a SHELF Training Event in January 2020 based on previous successful events in January 2018, September 2018 and April 2019.

The SHELF Training Events offer two courses.

  • A two-day comprehensive short course, Elicitation with SHELF. This course covers the principles of expert elicitation and the SHELF method, together with practical considerations in planning and running a SHELF elicitation workshop.
  • An additional one-day intensive course, Advanced Facilitation. This is a small group, hands-on session for participants who wish to be trained to take on the key role in a SHELF elicitation workshop, that of facilitator. Each trainee gains practical experience of facilitating a SHELF elicitation workshop, using carefully designed and realistic scenarios. Trainees also gain experience in another important role, that of recorder.

    Registration and course fees

    Further details are available here.

    Some testimonials from previous events:

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