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Incorporation of Uncertainty in Health Economic Modelling Studies

Anthony O’Hagan, Christopher McCabe, Ron Akeurst, Alan Brennan, Andrew Briggs, Karl Claxton, Elizabeth Fenwick, Dennis Fryback, Mark Sculpher, David Spiegelhalter and Andrew Willan

Universities of Sheffield, York, Oxford and Cambridge, UK, University of Toronto, Canada and University of Wisconsin, USA.

Publication details: PharmacoEconomics 23, 529-536, 2004.


In a recent lead article in this journal Nuijten described some methods for incorporating uncertainty into health economic models and for utilising the information on uncertainty regarding the cost effectiveness of a therapy in resource allocation decision making. In this paper we provide a detailed critique of both sets of proposals and provide a brief summary of the appropriate methods in both areas. The rationale for this paper is ensuring that readers do not apply inappropriate analyses as a result of following the proposals contained in Nuijten’s paper.

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