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A Comparison of United States and United Kingdom EQ-5D Health States Valuations Using a Nonparametric Bayesian Method

Kharroubi, S. A., O'Hagan, A. and Brazier, J. E.

Department of Mathematics, University of York, York, England, Department of Probability and Statistics, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England and School of Health And Related Research, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England

Publication details: Statistics in Medicine 29,1622-1634, 2010.


Few studies have compared preference values of health states obtained in different countries. This paper applies a nonparametric model to estimate and compare EQ-5D health state valuation data obtained from two countries using Bayesian methods. The data set is the US and UK EQ-5D valuation studies where a sample of 42 states defined by the EQ-5D was valued by representative samples of the general population from each country using the time trade-off technique. We estimate a function applicable across both countries which explicitly accounts for the differences between them, and is estimated using the data from both countries. The paper discusses the implications of these results for future applications of the EQ-5D and further work in this field.

Keywords: Preference-based health measure; nonparametric methods; time trade-off; EQ-5D.

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