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Since 1970, I have been committed to the Bayesian paradigm for statistical inference, and almost all of my research has been in the methodology and applications of Bayesian statistics. Although I am now retired and not so productively employed in research, I am still actively engaged with the Bayesian statistics research community.

Please note that I no longer have a formal university appointment, so I cannot take on PhD students, interns or post-doctoral research assistants.

My CV (last updated 25 September 2022, file size 110KB, in pdf format, see my publications page if you do not have the Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer) includes details of all my published books and papers, as well as research grants. My research interests are in Bayesian Statistics. For those unfamiliar with the Bayesian approach to statistics, I have prepared a reading list.

My publications page contains abstracts of all my papers since 1997, and you can download copies of those that are not yet in print.

The three research topics I have been most active in are as follows. (Letter codes EL, CC and HE identify relevant papers on my publications page.) Full citations for papers and books referred to below can be found in my CV, and on my publications page for all papers since 1997.

I have also done research in various other areas in the general field of Bayesian statistics, including the following.

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