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American Brickplayer - Kits US1 and US2

The success of the Standard Brickplayer Kits 3 and 4 led Spears to produce a couple of kits aimed at the American market. They were known there as Kits 1 and 2, but will be referred to here as US1 and US2.

Models and blueprints

An instruction booklet provided quite detailed instructions to build 9 models. Two of these were identical to models designed for the Standard Brickplayer kits. the others were to represent more common American building styles. The smaller Kit US1 had enough components for models 1 to 5, while to build the full set of 9 models Kit US2 was needed. Somewhat surprisingly, although Standard Brickplayer offered a Kit 3A to upgrade from Kit 3 to Kit 4 (and Early Brickplayer had Kit 1A to upgrade from Kit 1 to Kit 2), I have never seen reference to an upgrade kit being available for American Brickplayer.

Kits always contained blueprints showing how to lay the first course of bricks. The blueprints for American Brickplayer models are here

Pictures of Kit US2

I do not have even a box for Kit US1 but I have a complete Kit US2. To see the full size version of each of the following pictures, click on the text below it.

Kit US2 Box Lid

Kit US2 Upper Layer

Kit US2 Lower Layer


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