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Early Brickplayer - Kits 1 and 2

These were the first Brickplayer offerings from Spears after the end of the Second World War.

Models and blueprints

An instruction booklet entitled "How to Build with Brickplayer" (a title that continued to be used for instruction booklets for later kits) provided quite detailed instructions to build 8 models. I have two versions of the booklet to download: Version 1 and Version 2. The difference between these is discussed in the Brickplayer components page. The smaller Kit 1 had enough components for models 1 to 4, while to build models 5 to 8 Kit 2 was needed. Owners of Kit 1 could upgrade with Kit 1A that contained all the components from the larger kit that were not in Kit 1.

Kits always contained blueprints showing how to lay the first course of bricks. The blueprints for Early Brickplayer models 1 to 8 are here

Pictures of Kit 2

I have a partial Kit 2. The box is rather tatty and the contents far from complete.

Kit 2 Box Lid


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