Tony O'Hagan - SHELF: Version 3.0

Welcome to SHELF v4

What's new in this version?

SHELF version 4 is a significant upgrade from version 3, featuring:

Registering your interest in SHELF

Before you download the package, please consider registering with us, so that we can see how much interest there is in SHELF. We have a very simple registration form, and if you would like to receive future announcements about SHELF you can also opt to join our mailing list.

Downloading SHELF

The main package of SHELF is delivered as a Zip file; click here to download. The package comprises many files, so it is important for you to first read the overview document "SHELF Overview.pdf".

In this version, the SHELF software is not included in the main Zip package, but is provided separately as an R package and is available on CRAN. Full details and installation instructions are given in "SHELF Overview.pdf".

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Last updated: 19 June 2019
Maintained by: Tony O'Hagan