Tony O'Hagan - SHELF: the Sheffield Elicitation Framework

Course Tutor - Tony O'Hagan

Images/My photo Tony is the lead tutor on the course. He and Jeremy Oakley first developed the SHELF elicitation method in 2008, but Tony has been actively promoting elicitation to quantify expert knowledge since the early 1990s.

Tony's practical experience of elicitation as a facilitator is extensive, in areas such as nuclear safety, pharmaceutical development, hurricane risks, healthcare resource planning, asset management, climate change, food safety and the environment.

With the advent of SHELF, Tony has developed and taught numerous courses on elicitation. He has also developed online e-learning courses to teach experts how to make the probabilistic judgements required in a SHELF elicitation.

Tony is Emeritus Professor of Statistics at the University of Sheffield. His academic work is focused on methodology and applications of Bayesian statistics. He is internationally acknowledged as a leading researcher in that field, a position that was recognised by his election as a Fellow of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis.

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Last updated: 31 May 2022
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